SWMCG implements an Operational Health and Safety (OHS) System

15/08/2019- The SWMCG is publishing now the 2018 Report on Operational Health and Safety (OHS) presenting the activities carried out and

Capacity Building on Hazardous Waste Management for SWMCG Employees

23/05/2019 - Hazardous Waste Management two-day course was held for representatives of "Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia" Ltd within the

Construction of EU Standard Regional Landfill Starts in Georgia

24/01/2019 - „The Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia“ Ltd (SWMCG) and French-Slovenian consortium Sade-Riko signed the contract for the

Waste Management System to be improved in Georgia

30/10/2018-Working meeting about implementation of waste separation, collection and recycling effective system in Georgia was held by initiative of Solid

Interactive map with key information for all 53 landfills operated by SWMCG […]

Over 200 staff in all regions of Georgia assure professional operation of the company’s 53 landfills […]

Out of 53 landfills, 28  have been rehabilitated and 13 have been closed.  […]

Up to 9 regional landfills conform EU standards will in time replace all presently existing old landfills  […]

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Collaboration with international donors and national partners is essential for our work.  […]

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Strategies, measures and techniques for protecting man and environment […]