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Landfill Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation and closing of landfills

Our company has developed a specific rehabilitation or closing plan for each old dumpsite or landfill that we have taken over, designed individually for the respective landfill. Although the plans differ, there is a set of basic works that have to be carried out for each landfill that is rehabilitated or closed:

  • Arranging, compacting and covering old waste with insulation layers of clay soil
  • Creating a new infrastructure (access roads, control points, weighing bridges, premises, fence, water drainage systems)
  • Creation of a system of soil deposits which will be used successively for daily coverage of waste with soil
  • Assignment of staff and provision of machinery (caterpillar, compactor etc.)

Cleaning up the waste from the past

The first step of rehabilitation is to arrange, structure and compact the waste. Waste is often spread over a big surface on old dumpsites, thus, it needs to be arranged, compacted and covered with soil according to the specific rehabilitation plan

Clean up works in the landfill of Tkibuli in Imereti region


Weighing bridges

Weighing bridges ensure transparency - waste deliverers know exactly what they pay for. And municipalities can now plan and optimize their collection scheme as they know exactly how much waste is produced.

New weighing bridge in Telavi


Management of surface and waste waters

The rehabilitated landfills are equipped with surface water catchment systems. Drainage and collection systems help avoiding ground water and surface water pollution.

Surface collection channel Samtredia


Coverage of waste with loam and clay soil

In rehabilitated landfills, loam and clay soil is deposited on heaps and then used on a daily basis to cover the received waste.

Clay soil deposit in Dusheti landfill


Technical infrastructure - fences, gates and facilities

Fences assure the landfill and hinder people and animals entering. Entrance gates allow to control access to the landfill and keep record of waste delivered and the facilities shelter staff and machinery needed for operating the landfll.

Mtskheta landfill entrance gate


Creation and maintenance of road infrastructure

Fortified and solid access roads are crucial for assuring 24/24 operation during 365 days per year. Waste production never stops!

Tsnori landfill inner road construction


River bank protection

Existing old dumpsites and landfills are often located close to rivers and in canyons and huge amounts of waste are swept away in case of heavy rain and flood water. River bank protections are crucial for avoiding this.

Kutaisi Nikea - riverbank fortification


Equipment and staffing

Minimum two staff are permanently present on each landfill. The rehabilitated landfills are equipped with caterpillars for efficiently managing waste disposal, compacting and coverage with soil.

Receptionist and caterpillar driver from Terjola landfill