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54 Municipal Landfills owned and administrated by the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia

There are 56 municipal landfills in total in Georgia. Until 2013, almost all landfills were managed in a bad way, without any plans and did not meet minimum environmental standards.

SWMCG has taken over 54 formerly municipal landfills all over Georgia since 2013 (except City of Tbilisi and Adjara Autonomous Republic) and is administrating them. The company has rehabilitated 30 municipal landfills and closed 21 in an ordered manner from 2013 to 2017.

The municipal landfills are at present still the backbone of the waste disposal system in Georgia. This will change in the coming years. New regional landfills will be constructed and most municipal landfills will be closed, some of them will be transformed into transfer stations. Some of them, especially in the northern mountain areas, will remain operational in case of blocked roads in winter time which would make transport of waste to the new regional landfills impossible.

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