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Challenges and Achievements of the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia 2012 - 2018


LANDFILLS are OWNED and operated by our company
LANDFILLS have been REHABILITATED since 2013
0 mio
GEL have been invested for all the works carried out during 2012-2016 years

Please have a look on our numerous photo galleries documenting the past situation and the landfills after the rehabilitation. Click here to jump directly to our photo galleries page.

Heritage from the past – mountains of waste


This photo of the old dumpsite in Telavi is symbolising best the situation in 2013 when we started working – literally MOUNTAINS of waste of the past had to be moved, arranged, compacted and covered with soil.

From 2013 on SWMCG has taken over 54 formerly municipal landfills all over Georgia and is administrating them. This is a huge challenge and a heavy and difficult heritage from the past. Almost all landfills were operated in a chaotic way and without respecting even the most basic rules for protecting the environment. We have successfully taken up this challenge and we have improved the quality of live of thousands of citizens that were formerly suffering from smoke, smell and waste blown by the wind from unregulated landfills and dumpsites. We have reduced the negative impacts of landfills on environment and nature considerably, in some cases completely.