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Our work and main fields of activity




We change the waste disposal system in Georgia

Based on the new legal framework,in 2012 our company was created with the main task to transform the waste disposal system in Georgia during the coming years. The Company Strategy 2014 – 2024 describes how the waste management system in Georgia will be transformed over a period of about 10 years. The old system of 54 municipal landfills under the management of the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia will be transformed into a system of 8 to 10 regional landfills compliant with international standards serving all Georgia (except Tbilisi and Adjara region).

We rehabilitate municipal landfills

Systematic rehabilitation or closing down all the landfills operated by our company has high priority. Up to present, 30 out of 53 landfills under our administration have been rehabilitated (click here to see list). The rehabilitated landfills assure controlled waste disposal until a complete network of modern EU standard regional landfill has been constructed and is operational. The rehabilitation is carried out usually according to the scheme presented here.

We close municipal landfills

21 landfills have been closed to date. The closing scheme follows a master plan that takes into consideration several factors of waste sector development such as: –> Expected waste quantity in the respective area during the coming 5 to 10 years; –> Location and capacity of the closest rehabilitated landfill in operation; –> Effort and resources needed for rehabilitation versus effort and resources to transport the occurring waste to the closest rehabilitated or new landfill.




We operate municipal landfills

The 277 regional staff of our company are operating the 54 landfills under our administration on day to day basis. They are also responsible for regularly visiting and monitoring closed landfills. The staff of each landfill assures daily coverage of waste with soil, keeping the landfill and the surrounding area clean and communicates regularly the waste quantities received to the central office in Tbilisi.

We construct new regional landfills

Construction of new landfills and systems of connected transfer stations will assure in future a fully integrated solid waste management system in Georgia. Corresponding systems for waste separation and recycling will be implemented in full compliance with the European Waste Directive starting from 2019 on. We have actually several projects running for constructing new landfills: 1) Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti; 2) Kvemo Kartli; 3) Kakheti and Samegrelo (stage of feasability study).