Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti

Project Status

August 2021

– Identification of citizens representing the village adjacent to the two site locations Adjameti and Mukhiani

– Establishment of the Siting Advisory Committee

– 23 August 2021: Siting Advisory Committee meeting, discussion, and ranking of the two site locations Adjameti and Mukhiani

Based on the findings of the focus group meetings, the SAC had to make the final decision on the most preferred location for the new regional non-hazardous waste landfill.

Two representatives from nearby to Adjameti site location and three representatives from adjacent to Mukhiani site location agreed to become members of SAC and participate in the meeting for discussion and ranking the two potential site locations. In addition to these 5 local representatives, the SAC was composed of representatives from local authorities/municipalities, private sector/farmers, and NGOs. Together with the representatives of the SWMCG and the project Accompanying Measures Consultants the ranking of two potential site locations was carried out.

The result: The site nearby village Mukhiani was selected as the most preferable. Please find detailed information on the discussion and the process here.

July 2021

– Focus Group Meetings with citizens of the adjacent communities of Adjameti and Mukhiani site locations

During these meetings,  huge detailed maps of the potential site locations were used in order to collect and to put information written on small paper notes directly on the map. This resulted in detailed specific information about physical infrastructure (water, sanitation, electricity, fuel, communication, health and education facilities and services, markets, business, and commercial sites), about land-use patterns (cropping, pasture, forest, special areas, cultural sites), natural resources (including seasonal food collection from forest areas/fishing) and about socially and culturally important places ( historical sites, sites of celebration, burial sites, religious sites/places of worship, specific meeting places).

This information was recorded and summarised in a report, which can be downloaded from here.

June 2021

– Establishment of Regional Working Group for Waste Management

– Site Selection Process with public participation starts

In June 2021 the SWMCG continues the site selection process and applies a new approach with the consent of donor organizations (KfW, EU), which foresees the involvement of citizens in the decision about the final site location for the new regional non-hazardous waste landfill.

Therefore, the Regional Working Group for Waste Management for Imereti,  Racha-Lechkhumi, and Kvemo Svaneti was established and had its first meeting on 16 June 2021. The regional group is chaired by a representative of the regional Governor’s Office and the Georgian Solid Waste Management Company and includes representatives of municipalities, NGOs, and local initiative groups.

Read more about the Regional Working Group here.

May 2020 – Site Selection Report

In May 2020 the IC consultant (ERM) finalized the Site Selection Report. The scope of this report was to identify possible site locations for a new regional non-hazardous waste landfill. The search area was defined as a circle with a radius of 25 km around Kutaisi as the highest amount of waste is produced there.

The following legal and technical criteria have been applied for excluding areas: Airport (>13 km) / gas and water pipes / cultural monuments (> 500 m) / protected areas/rivers, lakes, and flood risk areas/zones with seismic risk/landslide risk/settlements (>500 m). By applying these criteria, a ‘long list’ of 9 potential site locations were identified. This process is called ‘Negative Mapping’.

Negative Mapping

Inverting the map: visualizing the remaining areas


After excluding all non-suited areas, the map is inverted and it becomes visible, that very few locations have remained. Now further research is made (for example minimum 18 ha size of the area). The resulting “long list” (blue areas) is then further analyzed and then ranked. The two top priority ranked locations have been  identi­fied: Mukhiani and Adjameti (the red areas). NO FINAL DECISION HAS BEEN MADE AT THIS POINT!