Waste Management System to be improved in Georgia

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Waste Management System to be improved in Georgia

30/10/2018-Working meeting about implementation of waste separation, collection and recycling effective system in Georgia was held by initiative of Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia’s project “Integrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi”.
Participants of the meeting were: Deputy-Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Ministry of Georgia, Mzia Giorgobiani, the head of Waste and Chemical Substances Management office under Ministry of Environment protection and Agriculture, Alverd Chankseliani and his deputy – Irma Gurguliani. Also Representatives of German Development Bank (KfW), Tamar Kvantaliani and Wolfgang Muller, EU Delegation in Georgia, NGO’s and representatives of Municipalities and donor organizations.

The participants have discussed research prepared by “Accompanying Measures Consultant” (AMC) within “Integrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi” project. In particular, they have discussed effective ways of creation of waste collection, separation and recycling system.

Project “Integrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi” is being held by German-Georgian cooperation, KfW, with grant from EU Neighborhood Investment Fund and contribution from Government of Georgia. Total investment is 26 million Eur.

The project’s goal is construction of EU standard regional landfill. The landfill will serve 700 000 people in Imereti, Racha-lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions. Old landfill “Nikea” will be closed lately.