Stephantsminda Municipal Landfill rehabilitated

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Stephantsminda Municipal Landfill rehabilitated

03/16/2016 – Stephantsminda Municipal landfill rehabilitation works are accomplished. Giorgi Shukhoshvili, the Director of “Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia” Ltd. along with representatives of local self-government visited the rehabilitated municipal landfill and checked the carried out works.

The total area of the landfill comprises 21 429.00 m² and about 554 m³ household wastes are being disposed daily on the landfill territory from Stephantsminda Municipality and its nearby villages.

Stephantsminda Municipal landfill was transferred to the possession of “Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia” Ltd. on September, 2013. At the time, the state of the landfill was horrible: waste was being disposed unorganized at the landfill perimeter, operational standards have been neglected, no ecological and sanitary norms were observed, and control and sanitary supervision of the landfill perimeter was not followed. The landfill territory was not fenced, thus, the nearby population as well as domestic animals could easily reach the disposed waste on the landfill territory, which raised a risk of infection contamination among the poultry, cattle and municipality population. As a result of all these, operation of the landfill was dangerous for the environment and nearby population.

In coordination with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Ltd. “Solid Waste management Company of Georgia” implemented Stephantsminda Municipal landfill rehabilitation project. Within the project framework the following works were carried out: the landfill territory was fenced, inner roads and drainage system were arranged, disposed waste was covered with an isolation layer, special waste cells were prearranged for further utilization, a watch-box, and equipment hood, firefighting shield, landfill renders, and no trespassing-signs were set, the landfill perimeter was fully electrified (solar photo-electronic system was set), the landfill was provided with needs-based equipment and human resources. Coastal Protection works has been arranged, In order to prevent the river pollution from landfill.

The rehabilitation project cost amounted to 482 991 Georgian Lari.

At the rehabilitated landfill, waste treatment and disposal will be determined in accordance with the existing standards and thus, the dangerous influences upon the environment will be reduced and local population safety and living conditions will be improved.