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New Site Selection Process – Inform, Invite and Involve Regional Stakeholders and Public

The involvement of regional stakeholders, NGOs, the private sector, academia and citizens is a key element in our new approach of waste management. We consider this to be the best approach for finding solutions for the ongoing challenge of managing waste. This stakeholder engagement and involvement of the public (‘Inform – Invite – Involve’) are planned complementary to the Environmental Assessment Procedure.

The setup of the Regional Working Group (RWG), the organisation of the public hearings and the setup of the Site Advisory Committee (SAC) for ranking the sites go in line and are complementary to the drafting of the Scoping Report. The documentation of the public meetings and the explanation and justification for the final location of the landfill by the SAC will be integrated as a dedicated chapter into the scoping report.

Regional Working Group for Waste Management (RWG)

The RWG is dealing with everything related to waste management in the region, not only related to waste disposal and landfilling but also separate collection and recycling, composting and other topics.
• Regional Government (Chair);
• Municipalities
• Private sector / business association(s);
• NGOs based in the region and also on national level;
• Academia (Universities);
• Project team representatives

Siting Advisory Committee (SAC)

Consider all information and concerns of citizens and stakeholders, prioritize the two potential sites and make recommendations for the final site location.
The SAC is constituted as a subcommittee of the RWG including additionally representatives and citizens of the communities/settlements adjoining the 2 alternative locations

Monitoring Committee (MC)

Verify and control the SWMCG operation of the non-hazardous regional waste disposal facility.
The MC will be formed out of the SAC including representatives of the communities/settlements adjoining the final location.