New regional non-hazardous waste landfill for Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti

Comment on the Scoping Report

How to provide comments on the Scoping report?

It is important for the SWMCG to understand your concerns and listen to your suggestions so we ensure they are taken into consideration.  In addition to the official public consultation procedure that will be done by MEPA once SWMCG submits the Scoping application officially on June 5th, SWMCG proposes various methods for stakeholders and the public to have access to the scoping information and provide comments.

Download the Scoping Report: Scoping Report

Download the Scoping Presentation: Scoping Presentation

Download the Comment Form: Comment Form

You can send the Comment Form with your comments to the following email:

SWMCG will send all the received comments by June 25, 2020, to MEPA for their official consideration before providing the Scoping opinion. Of course, you can also send your comment officially directly to MEPA once they announce it on their website.

For those who do not have internet, or prefer to provide comments through other means, you can also provide your comments to SWMCG through the following methods:

Call us:
you can call + 995- 32-243 88 30 or + 995-577-30 30 69 (Mon-Fri from 10:00 till 18:00) to provide your comment orally; SWMCG dedicated staff will record your comment and send it to the project team for consideration

Review and comment on a hard copy:
Copies of the Scoping Report and the Scoping Presentation will be available at the following addresses (there will also be comments forms where you can post your comments/remarks):

  1. Office of the State Representative in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region
    Contact person: Irakli Tsanava
    Address: 2100, Zugdidi, Zviad Gamsakhurdia Ave. 45
    Phone: (+995) 599 736 577
  1. Zugdidi Municipality – Khatia Todua
    Address: 2100, Zugdidi, Rustaveli Str. 90
    Phone: (+995) 595 22 15 02
  1. Representative of the Orulu village Gamgeoba – Valeri Pertia
    Address: Zugdidi, Tamar Mepe Str. 13
    Phone: (+995) 591 44 76 26
  1. Representative of the Didi Nedzi village Gamgeoba – Gela Partsvania
    Address: Zugdidi, Shota Kitia Str. 9
    Phone: (+995) 591 50 14 36
  1. Representative of the Tsaishi village Gamgeoba – Goga Gogia
    Address: v. Tsaishi, Tbilisi str. 165
    Phone: (+995) 599 84 41 80


SWMCG is also hopeful that it will be possible for MEPA to organize a public hearing as per the official procedure.  However, if due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still not possible to hold a public hearing session, SWMCG is committed to organizing a public hearing even after the official Scoping procedure is finished, as soon as it is possible.  Outcomes from the public hearing will be documented and taken into consideration in the EIA report.