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“Separation, Collection, Recycling” – workshop on building up an effective separate collection and recycling system in Georgia

How should citizens best separate waste into different fractions (plastic, paper, glass, metal)? How do we convince the public to separate their waste? How could municipalities best organize the collection and assure that the collected materials will be recycled? These were some of the topics discussed during the workshop, organized by the Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia (SWMCG) together with the projectIntegrated Solid Waste Management System – Kutaisi”

The following documents are available:

Program and synopsis of workshop

Introductory presentation of the team leader Mr. René Boesten

Main presentation from the waste management expert Mr. Hans Breukelman

MWMPT, Tskaltubo, 17-18 November, 2016 (Kick-off, introduction, scope and objective of training, integrated solid waste management (ISWM),

Day 1

Waste management planning

General Training Concept and Schedule

Day 2

Basics of WMP planning and relation to ISWM concept

Examples of Best Practice

Content and compilation of a Municipal WM plan

Continuation schedule

MWMPT, Kutaisi, 14-15 December, 2016 (responsibilities, data processing, financial issues)

Day 1

Gaps and limitations

Municipalities & Services responsible for managing municipal waste (MSW) in the Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi-Kmevo Svaneti region of Georgia

Day 2

“How to generate, how to compile and present data on waste”

Financial Issues

Continuation schedule

Preparations and homework till next training (February)

MWMPT, Kutaisi, February, 2017 (continuation to prepare for drafting waste management plans, format, information needed, status information)



Flashback on past trainings ‘Where we want to be’

Achievements overview


Continuation of the WMP process



MWMPT, Kutaisi, March, 2017 – (WM Planning, Financial, Structure and objectives of WM plans, waste generation, separate collection)


Flashback on past training‘Where we want to be’

Municipal Financial Status Information

Learning from WM plan reviews

Day 2

Objectives in WM plan(ning)

„waste generation and separate collection”

Visions for collection improvements

MWMPT, Kutaisi, April, 2017 – Waste Planning (Prognosis, Collection, Logistics)



Interim Evaluation and Consultations

Main planning issues

Waste Prognosis

Day 2

Objectives as a planning basis

Basics of Waste Collection

Basic options/decisions for collection and container settings Some planning advice

Collection logistics Basics and planning advice

Next Steps

MWMPT, Kutaisi,May, 2017 (mainly coordination of progress)



Main planning issues

MWMPT, Kutaisi,June, 2017 – Focus Stakeholder Engagement / PR



Involvement of stakeholders in drafting waste management plans


Training on Municipal Waste Management Planning

Visiting PR departments of all 17 municipalities – findings and conclusions

Principles and guidelines for elaborating a PR and Communication Plan

MWMPT, Kutaisi,September,2017 – Focus PR and Communication Plan

Goals, objectives, target groups and communication tools – integrating a PR and Communication Plan into the overall Waste Management Plan

Progress review

Waste Management Financing – Kutaisi, 19-20 November, 2019

Day 1

Waste service fee- what and how? agenda

What are waste services?

SWM Service Costs, Chart of Accounts

Affordability of Service Fees

Defining the waste service fee

Day 2

Introducing a Waste Service Fee: Sachkhere Practice

Outsourcing of SWM Services

Introducing the waste service fee: how to tell it to the public?

Meeting with PR Officers of Municipalities in Kutaisi – 13 February 2019

Presentation 1 -Integrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi -State of the Art, outlook to coming 2 years

Presentation 2 -Public Awareness Campaign Spring 2019

Journalist Meeting- Integrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi – Presentation September 2017

Integrated Solid Waste Management Kutaisi – Annual review of project achievements 2016 – 2017

_Presentation – EN_

Inogate Project – Presentations November 2014

Presentations elaborated within the project “Capacity strengthening of the SWMCG by introducing applicable methods for assessing landfill gas potential at the existing dumpsites in Georgia” implemented by “INOGATE Technical Secretariat & Integrated Programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives”

Presentation 0_Introduction_to_the_course

Presentation 1 – Introduction to landfill gas

Presentation 2 – Safety at landfill sites.pdf

Presentation 3 – Methodology for assessing LFG potentia

Presentation 4 – Introduction to Guidelines for Assessing LFG Potential

Presentation 5 -Modern Landfill Management Principles

Presentation 6 – landfill gas Plant operation

Presentation- On-site training

Document – Guideline and Background Information

Journalist Workshop Kutaisi / Tskaltubo 13 – 14 September 2016

Presentation 1 -“Legal Framework for Solid Waste Management in Georgia”

Presentation 2 – “Solid Waste Management Company of Georgia – Mission, Vision, Achievements and Challenges”

Presentation 3 – “The Project “Integrated Solid Waste Management System Kutaisi”